Bunny Tail Butt Plug: The Only Thing Missing In Your Bunny Pet Play Fantasy

Being a pet bunny comes with many benefits. You have fun with your Dom and explore different sides of yourself. None of it has to be sexual, though. But in case it is, we suggest you acquire some sexy accessories to complete your bunny fantasy look.

Not many bunnies have collars or wear leashes, but you can implement those into your scenes. The most important thing, we think, is having a fluffy bunny tail. Isn’t that what bunnies are known for? We know it is, so that’s why it should be a staple in your pet bunny outfit.

You can use these even if you’re not into pet play or BDSM. Just be careful because they’re so fun they might change your mind.

The Basics of Bunny Play

To get straight to the point — bunny play is a form of pet play. Similarly to puppy play or kitten play, the submissive takes the form of a bunny. Not many people are bunny players, so there’s not much information you can find regarding them. Luckily, we have all the information you might need.

There are different styles of bunny play. It all depends on the type (or breed) of rabbits you’d like to play as. Contrary to popular belief, not all rabbits are the same. They have distinct personalities, and some can even have massive attitudes. So, it’s all up to the interpretation of each and individual player.

The best bunny play tip we can give you is — do not think everything is going to be sexual. Some people simply enjoy the pet play aspect of it all. Many things can be included in pet play scenes, like feeding, cuddling, teaching tricks, and many more.

Deciding on the kind of bunny you want to be is essential. That’s something you should do before moving forward with anything. Talking to your Dom about the scenes and what you want to do is another key thing too.

What Are the Behaviors Displayed by Bunnies?

Bunnies, much like any other animal, have their personalities. It doesn’t only depend on the breed — some bunnies can be the same breed but act differently.

Some of the stereotypes surrounding bunnies are that they’re shy and timid. That doesn’t need to be the case. In general, they aren’t a very social type of animal. They like their space, but they don’t like to be bored. They need something to entertain them, or they can start being bratty and chew on things they shouldn’t.

In relationships with their handlers, bunnies can be quite affectionate. Some rabbits love to cuddle more than anything. So, they’ll readily hop into their owner’s lap for some cuddles or just to relax.

Other bunnies might not want to leave their cage or interact with their owners unless it’s time for food. So, you can be whatever type of pet you want to.

Accessories to Complete Your Bunny Play Experience

No bunny pet play experience is complete without some accessories. You can decide which one of these will fit your personality, or you don’t have to use any at all. Pet play isn’t determined by the number of accessories you have. However, they do enhance it.

When it comes to bunnies, the first thing many people think of is their ears. There are various types of bunny ears headbands for you to try out: big, small, fluffy, floppy — you name it.

A costume is another thing you can opt for. Although, the second staple bunny thing is the tail. You can get a suit with a tail attached, but we recommend getting the rabbit tail plug instead. These will add that splash of sexy that your play might lack.

What Are Bunny Tail Plugs?

Now we’re at the most fun part. We’re sure that finding out about bunny tail plugs will change your BDSM world. All of your pet play dreams will be fulfilled right now.

When it comes to role-playing as a bunny, a tail plug should be a staple accessory. How else will your Dom know you’re in the mood for some action? Even though we believe that these toys need no introduction, let’s talk about them a little more.

Bunny tail plugs are your regular silicone or stainless steel plug, except they have one special feature that sets them apart from the regular models — they have a fluffy tail attached! These are usually fluffy poms that resemble a bunny tail, and they come in multiple colors too. So, if you’re a fantasy rabbit, there’s a tail for you too.

The plugs themselves don’t have to be regular. They can be in a spiral or come in various other shapes. Not only that, but they can be big or small, so decide depending on how much you can handle.

These types of plugs aren’t just for bunny players. People who are into BDSM, in general, can enjoy them. They’ll add a fun bit of flair and color to your otherwise rigid black leather outfits.

You don’t have to be into BDSM to be able to enjoy bunny tail plugs. However, they can be something that will introduce you to the world of kings. We trust you’ll never look back, especially if you got one of those from www.lovegasm.co.


Whether you’re an active bunny player or just getting into it, a bunny tail plug is a must-have! This accessory will definitely help elevate your pet play scenes to another level. Not only that, but you can use them as regular sex toys too.

Being into BDSM isn’t a requirement when it comes to using these tail plugs. Still, they’re what makes you stand out as a bunny player. Your Dom will certainly appreciate you going the extra mile to look the part.

If you don’t want to be anyone’s pet bunny, but you enjoy butt play, we suggest you get one of these high-quality plugs. It’s fun feeling the fuzz tickle your thighs. Who knows, maybe it brings out your animal side too.